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Make your Bathroom Great Again!

If you love the idea of being at your own personal spa and indulging in luxurious baths and a thorough self-care regimen, you should consider remodeling your bathroom. Investing in a bathroom remodel allows you to do more than simply upgrade your space. You can also create a soothing environment to unwind and enjoy your pamper routine. The best part is that you have the creative control to completely renovate every single nook and cranny. From the faucets and tiles to the shower stall and light fixtures. Do you have no idea where to start? Our expert team can completely transform your bathroom to fulfill your each and every desire. Do you want it to feel like you’re on an island getaway as soon as you step inside? Have you always dreamed of expanding your master bathroom? Are your bathroom sinks in need of a makeover?

Tell us what you have in mind and we will do the job for you. Your wish is our command.

To learn more about how you can benefit from your excellent bathroom remodeling services, keep reading the information below:

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If you’re searching for a full-service remodeling company to revive your bathroom, you need one that is credible, provides exceptional service, and has a proven track record of success. At Maroon Construction, we check off all those boxes. We are committed to our craft and will remodel your bathroom exactly the way you want it. We install the following bathroom remodeling fixtures and products


One of the perks of working with our design and construction company is that we provide design, engineering and construction services, all under the same contract. With Maroon Construction, you can access quality services in one place, and get the most value out of everything our team members have to offer. Our team is dedicated to creating the perfect oasis inside your home. We have construction professionals who will be communicating and collaborating with you from start to finish, ensuring that the remodel matches your needs. Your designer will guide you throughout the bathroom design process, while the draftsmen, engineers and project managers make sure everything is correctly measured and shown in your construction documents. It’s pivotal for all construction professionals to sign off the purchase order for your materials. After you sign your construction agreement, we will determine the necessary costs for your bathroom remodeling project. This means there will hardly be any change orders while working with our company. When you work with us, we ensure you get the best value from your bathroom remodel. If you are unsure about whether our design-build services are worth the investment, let us change your mind. Take a look at the following benefits you can expect

Reduce Budget and Construction Time

We follow an integrated approach to construction and remodeling, one that considers all stages of both the design and build process. The design-build concept helps us design your remodeling project with value engineering. During the initial stages, the four main areas we have to determine include design, quality, time, and cost. These factors provide us with the information needed to reduce your budget and construction time. Work with our team in Orange County and have peace of mind, knowing we will remodel your bathroom to your exact specifications, while providing a cost-effective solution.

Draftsmen and Contractors Work Together

Traditional construction models don’t have draftsmen working under the same roof as the contractor, leading to significant cost discrepancies from your budget. Draftsmen are trained to design home structures, space allocation, and floor plans; it’s not their responsibility to figure out the costs as it’s the contractor’s job. There are cases where draftsmen might draw your ideal bathroom, but you will only be able to afford a portion of it. With the design-build approach, however, you can avoid this issue altogether.

More Flexible Purchasing Options

The next benefit you can get from design-build remodeling involves purchasing. As a remodeling firm, we receive many discounts that you will not get elsewhere, like from cabinet manufacturers or tile stores, for instance. When you choose our services, we will also make sure the measuring is done properly, and you get the right material that you want for your bathroom remodel.

Know the Cost Beforehand

Another benefit you can expect from working with us is that you will know the cost of your remodel when signing your construction agreement. A general contractor, on the other hand, increases their prices with change orders as you go throughout the job. They will also find items that were not scoped in the general upfront estimate. It’s important to find a reliable remodeling partner that prioritizes your needs and provides exceptional end results. Work with our Maroon Construction team and we will deliver superior design, personalized service, and extended warranty that keeps your home protected. Often, there are homeowners who think it’s not worth remodeling a small bathroom or that renovating a large one will be too costly. When you work with our team in Orange County, you don’t have to worry about the logistics or costs involved in the remodeling process–that’s our job. We will take care of everything from start to finish, providing quality services customized according to your budget and specific requirements. No matter how small or large your bathroom is, we are committed to helping you achieve an aesthetic, functional space that you and your family can enjoy for years to come. Your Bathroom Oasis Is a Call Away Book a consultation with our team in Orange County and we will work with you to create the perfect bathroom that captures your unique style and needs. Call today!